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Empowering people.
Coaching people.
That’s what we do.
It shows when coaching is part of your DNA.
For us, coaching is a way of life.

Ilanato provides coaching services to individuals and organisations on a freelance basis. Call it “empowerment”, “mentoring”, “guidance”, “personality training” or “mindfulness sessions” – we’re fine with that – the label is of minor importance to us.

What counts is the ability of the coach to listen with empathy and intuïtion, reflect from the heart, empower with passion and all that without judgment. We provide insights and reflections from new and unusual perspectives in order to share with you see what your own blind spots have kept hidden to you.

Are you prepared to accept the insight that you are (at least) part of your own cause? Are you open to the idea that you are the only one sitting at the steering wheel of your life? YOU are in control. Aren’t you?

Providing alternative insights, new and unusual views on your reality helps you to make better decisions. It broadens your horizon and helps you to understand your previous decisions. It may even help you to… choose again….

Our two coaches (Wouter and Maria) have a vast coaching experience and apply their very own methods and techniques, developed over many years of successes and failures.

Check out our coaching page for more information

Our core activity is of course coaching. We however offer some specific consultancy services as well. These are in line with our experience and competences. See our consultancy page for more details

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